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Workforce Training Incentives

Workforce Training Incentives

Community College Workforce Training

Mississippi’s network of 15 community and junior colleges provide essential support to Mississippi’s citizens and its employers through a wide spectrum of education and training programs. Many of these programs provide opportunities for individuals to earn national industry certifications and/or licensure.

Categories of training available include:

  • Traditional Credit Training – Training that leads to a Certificate or Associate Degree in subject areas ranging from university (baccalaureate) transfer to career and technical education programs designed to prepare people to enter the labor market.
  • Non-Credit Training – Short-term trainings offered by a college to satisfy a company’s or individual's need for skills leading to employment, retention, or advancement.
  • Customized Training – A "just in time" training program developed in coordination with business and industry and designed for a specific purpose and to address a specific need.

The Workforce Enhancement Training (WET) Fund, established by the Mississippi Legislature in 2004, enables community colleges to partner with companies in developing a skilled, productive workforce at a greatly reduced cost. Through the use of these funds, community colleges can work with business and industry to design and implement a customized job-training program that meets specific personnel needs, including:

  • Pre-employment Training: Helps companies identify productive workers. The local community college provides basic instruction to applicants over the course of several weeks. Companies use this time to identify productive workers and hire only those who best meet the company’s needs.
  • Train-the-Trainer Training: Reimburses companies for limited travel costs associated with training employees in a specialty not offered by a local community college. This training is contingent on the employee training others at the company in these specialty skills.
  • Applicant Assessment: Helps companies assess basic applicant skill levels. A local community college may offer this service.
  • Customized Training: Develops specialized curricula for specific business needs. Community college trainers develop and lead the training.
  • Customized Industry-Based Training: Assists companies in securing a training provider when a college does not provide the training.

The community colleges also oversee Mississippi’s Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) program, which determines a job seeker’s ability in three main skills: reading for information, locating information and applied math. The ACT, through its WorkKeysTM Occupational Profile Database, selected these skills as important for more than 85% of jobs across all industries. Through the CRC, employers can identify individuals best suited for their available jobs. Each individual has the opportunity to earn one of four levels of Career Readiness Certification: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Each certification tells what percentage of jobs in the database an individual is qualified to do, ranging from 30 percent for bronze certificate holders to 99 percent for those with a platinum level certificate.

Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) Workforce Specialists

The MDA Workforce Specialists work to ensure a seamless link between businesses, communities and economic developers and the workforce services and training available through the States WIN Job Centers, community colleges, universities and other workforce resources.

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