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Technical Services

Enhanced Power Quality Services

Technical Services

Mississippi Power strives to supply customers with the most reliable power possible. Our commitment to service does not stop at the meter.

Our Power Quality team is comprised of highly-trained, licensed professional engineers who can work with customers "beyond-the-meter". Our engineers can provide professional recommendations to ensure that equipment and processes run smoothly and efficiently.

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Redundancy and Stand-by Generation

Mississippi Power has a proven track-record when working with critical need facilities in providing solutions for redundancy and stand-by generation. Solutions utilizing redundant distribution line service, as well as stand-by generation, make this service a win-win for you and us!


Uninterruptible Power

An interruption of power can halt operations. Learn about our uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products and services.

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HVAC Systems

Choose the right HVAC system for your workplace that will be both efficient and effective.

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Commercial Solar Energy

Learn wheather solar power is right for your business.

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Outdoor Lighting

Bright, efficient illumination attracts customers and helps ensure a safer workplace.

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Electric Forklifts

Save BIG by replacing fuel-powered forklifts with electric ones.

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Energy Efficiency

Identify opportunities for energy savings.

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