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Mississippi Power recognizes the significant contributions of small businesses in our communities in southeast Mississippi. The company offers programs to support the start-up, expansion and retention of small businesses by providing business incentives, site information, demographics, energy management consultation and other services. Our representatives act as a catalyst to connect small business owners with area resources to generate successful growth.

Let us be a catalyst for your business by providing these programs and services:

  • Small Business Redevelopment Incentive – Two-year discount of 15 percent on base rates for locating in existing commercial space that has been vacant for at least six months. An optional accelerated discount is available for businesses locating in areas sanctioned by the Mississippi Main Street Association. This accelerated option allows for a discount of 40% off of the base rate for the first 6 months of service. Both options require the creation of at least two full-time jobs.
  • Large Business Redevelopment Incentive – Two-year pilot program available to new customers that create at least 20 full-time jobs and initiate service under the Large Business Base Rates. The discount is a $3.50 per monthly peak kVA for new customers that maintain a 70% or greater monthly load factor. A 36-month discount period is available for customers initiating a five-year contract term or a 60-month period for customers initiating an eight-year contract.
  • Market Analysis – Commercial development representatives can assist new and existing businesses by providing valuable data such as demographics, traffic counts, psychographics and available commercial property inventory.
  • Retail Site Selection – Services are available for national retail and franchise recruiting and site selection.

Other services and information are available on request. Incentives subject to change or expire at any time.

Contact us and begin to enjoy our unique region.



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