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Power Reliability and Rates

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Power Reliability and Rates

Mississippi Power provides electric service to customers in a 23-county area in southeast Mississippi. Our Company is committed to providing our customers with high reliability and exceptional customer service. We strive to maintain superior levels of distribution and transmission reliability throughout our system.

At Mississippi Power, we believe the key to meeting growing energy demands is having a diverse portfolio of energy sources. Diversifying our resources - coal, natural gas, solar energy - allows us to deploy innovative ways to generate clean, reliable and cost-effective electricity, while avoiding an overreliance on one fuel source and staying environmentally responsible. We consider a range of energy sources to balance energy supply with our growing customer demand.

Mississippi Power is a subsidiary of Southern Company, which is one of the largest producers of energy in the country. As part of Southern Company, our energy portfolio includes 11 electric and natural gas utilities capable of producing 44,000 MW of generating capacity as well as 190 Bcf of natural gas storage capacity.

By carefully forecasting energy needs and securing the most economical sources available, we are able to operate our power plants at a 99 percent level of reliability — among the highest in the nation.



Mississippi Power maintains a superior level of transmission and distribution reliability, driven by on-going investment and a strong focus on continuous improvement. That's why our team of skilled employees work everyday to ensure the safe delivery of electricity to homes and businesses across southeast Mississippi.

We have made significant investments to build and maintain a more reliable and smarter system to make, transmit and deliver electricity to our customers. Smart grid technologies, or 'self-healing,' can automatically isolate problems and restore service to affected areas. This system benefits both Mississippi Power and our customers. For our customers, they experience improved reliability and efficiency. For the company, we lower operating costs and we are better able to manage demand.

We are honored to have received the 2015 ReliabilityOneTM Award for Outstanding Midsize Utility.


Our company has a proven track record of working with industrial and commercial customers to understand their unique load requirements, and we can help determine the right rate for your company.

Small Businesses

For small businesses locating in an existing building that has been vacant for at least six months, we offer a two-year discount of 15 percent on base rates. This requires the creation of at least two full-time jobs. For all of the eligibility requirements, see Small Business Redevelopment Rider.

Large Businesses

For large businesses creating 20 or more full-time jobs and maintaining a minimum 70% monthly load factor, we offer a monthly discount of $3.50 times the monthly peak kVA. Customers entering into a five-year electric service contract will receive a discount period of 36 months or for customers entering an eight-year electric service contract, the discount period will be 60 months. For all of the eligibility requirements, see Large Business Development Rider.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to understand your unique load requirements and determine the right rate for your company. Please contact us 1.800.528.5196 to discuss your service requirements. To learn more, visit Our Pricing - Rates and Riders.

Sales Tax Exemption on Energy Used in Manufacturing

Mississippi allows for a sales tax exemption on energy used in the manufacturing process. Our state boasts energy costs below the national average. This incentive further reduces the costs of one of the key drivers companies consider when choosing a location for new investment.

Rate riders subject to change or expire at any time.